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Urban Aroma - The State of Black Cannabusinesses

OURS – Chicago, IL

Organic Urban Revitalization Solutions (OURS) is a culture-driven brand entering the cannabis space. OURS was founded in May 2019 by a group of lifelong friends who share a deep affinity for social justice, Chicago pride and good cannabis. JT Stinnette heads the advisory board, Anton Seals is Chief Executive & Equity Officer, and Jamaal Kendrick is Chief Wellness Officer.

The group has aspirations to create a cannabis experience in Chicago that is “homey.” The idea for the OURS dispensary is to create a space where all people feel like they belong, and everyone is welcome, especially those who have been historically marginalized and left out of the industry.

With research and development of organic growing methods and social-justice-minded partnerships, the friends want to help the clandestine cannabis biz evolve and move into the legal market place. One of the biggest hurdles has been finding the right economic partners. The Chicago Urban league has been a good partner, and the group is in negotiations with others.

Another hurdle has been the state of Illinois. A lawsuit filed against the state of Illinois on September 4, 2020 claims that the regulatory body administering adult use licenses mishandled the process. A court date has not yet been set.

Ever optimistic and diligent, the friends that started this journey with OURS continue to push forward, constantly learning from examples in states like California and Colorado. OURS hopes to soon bring that same level of options for cannabis and top-notch community service to their home state of Illinois.


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