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Revolution Global and OURS Announce Partnership to Help Black Entrepreneurs Thrive

Revolution Global CEO Mark de Souza announced today that the multi-state cannabis company is partnering with Organic Urban Revitalization Solutions (OURS), a Black-owned and -operated cannabis cultivation, dispensary and retail company, on business initiatives in the U.S. cannabis industry.

With the legalization of adult-use cannabis in Illinois on January 1, 2020, the opportunities to enter the sector have grown exponentially. Yet, the Black community, which has been disproportionately impacted by the "War on Drugs," has by and large been left behind by the cannabis boom here and in states across the country. Revolution is committed to advancing social equity in the sector, including assisting Black entrepreneurs.

"We're proud to partner with OURS," de Souza said. "Cannabis companies like to talk about social equity, but few walk the talk. Central to Revolution's mission is actively helping Black entrepreneurs break down barriers to create successful businesses in our industry, and that is core to our partnership with OURS. We recognize that the sector will only reach its full potential if all communities benefit."

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