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GrownIn Newsletter: Englewood, cannabis and economic development

Illinois consumers spent more than $20 million on recreational cannabis in the first two weeks of the year. Demand is so high relative to today’s limited supply, the actual “flower” that is smoked can barely stay on the shelves. In this environment, Anton Seals, the Chief Equity and Executive Officer with Organic Urban Revitalization Solutions (OURS), is all business.

“We are marshalling money to be in business,” said Seals, who last week secured a social equity partnership with Elmhurst-based Revolution Global (formerly Revolution Enterprises), a company recognized as a national leader in the cannabis industry for its ability to grow, process and sell the plant in multiple states.

Seals grew up on the South Shore and is part of “a family with deep ties to Englewood”. He is a community organizer who worked for Congressman Bobby Rush and developed the Interrupt Violence multimedia platform based on the Kartemquin film The Interrupters.

A jack of many trades, “I’ve had every f*#king job you’ve ever had”, Seals in 2017 co-founded Growing Greater Englewood with Sonya Harper, an Englewood community activist turned Illinois state rep for the 6th Legislative District.

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